The Hydra Sports MP3 Player

The Hydra MP3 Player lives up to its name, or does it?  Enfolded in a rubberized casing, the Hydra MP3 player is a rugged and sporty looking player.  But the test results seem to be only slightly better than any other electronic device on the market.

Playing in the rain a bit, maybe even passing the Hydra player over running water won’t hurt it much.  But, submerging it or holding it under a running faucet for a few seconds could kill it.  The makers of this MP3 player ironically states "avoid contact with liquids."  A very safe disclaimer.

On the plus side The Hydra MP3 Player is available in 1GB and 2GB versions, and they are $40 to $60 respectively, and even cheaper if you search for them online.

Via Post Gazette